Background Info.

The largely flat Wimmera landscape is ideal for getting around on a bike. North of the Grampians National Park the scenery changes, the views change and even the climate alters as you head north and west.  Horizon to horizon 180 degree views, with bright star-filled skies at night and clear, bright blue skies by day, are the norm. Rising from the Wimmera landscape, not unlike Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Northern Territory, Mt. Arapiles (Djurite) can be seen for miles.  The Mount Arapiles-Tooen State Park is a world renowned rock climbing area and features a wide diversity of Australian native plants and animals.  The Mount was named by Major Thomas Mitchell, back in 1836, after a hill in Spain near a famous Napoleonic battle site. With the popularity of Cycling Events around the State, a small group of locals have met together with a view to offering a trip to Mount Arapiles, using pedal power.

Participation is one of the key motivations.  We want to see people out and about enjoying the environment in which they live.

So, we are targeting 2 groups of rider.

Horsham – Mt. Arapiles – Horsham    128Kms. For the rider who regularly attends such events and enjoys ‘clocking up the Ks’ with friends, for whom 128 Kilometres is a pleasant days ride and who enjoys riding at a reasonable clip with the right gear to do it.   Seeing a large slab of the local landscape, avoiding the major highways and achieving a good time may be goals to attain.  At Centenary Park, an opportunity to park the bike and take a break.   Back on the road, travelling via Grass Flat and Vectis, you will arrive back in Horsham to Lunch by the river.  (Optional Catered Lunch) 

An opportunity to unwind and rest the legs with a hot shower on offer from the nearby Horsham Aquatic Centre.

Horsham – Mt. Arapiles     53Kms.  (optional Bus trip back to Horsham) For the rider who is just getting into the sport.  Might be a first timer to this sort of event.  Riding 53 Kilometres will be a real challenge, something to train up to.  For them the Mt Arapiles goal will be visible most of the way, getting closer and closer.  Strategic rest stops will offer a break, before heading off toward the ‘rock on the rise’.  Once at Centenary Park, an opportunity to park the bike and enjoy a snack and a drink. 

Finally, a Bus and bike transport is available to take you and your machine back to Sawyer Park.

An end-of-ride-meal (Optional Catered lunch) is also available for you in Horsham. 



One added objective of the Ride is to support the work of the Wimmera Drug Action Task Force within our community. Alcohol abuse and issues with other drugs in our community is a real concern, particularly for our young people.  The Task Force is active in our Schools, our sporting clubs and through public forums, informing the community about strategies to counteract the impact of illegal drugs and misuse of legal drugs. Representatives on the Task Force include Medical professionals, Welfare Service Providers, Police, Council, Alcohol & other Drugs Counsellors and concerned parents. A percentage of the Rider Entry Fees along with Donations and Rider Sponsorship will support the Task Force.

Hope you can join us next year on the Arapiles Cycling Event.     Bring a friend.      Make some new friends.