123 Km. Circuit Horsham – Mt Arapiles – Horsham


123 Kilometre Circuit  Horsham-Mt.Arapiles-Horsham



                                                               Time Windows:


 Average 30Kmh:       Average:          Average 19Kmh:          Location:                      Km.        TOTAL:

8.00am     OUT            8.15am               8.30am OUT               Sawyer Park                   00             00

8.38am       IN              9.05am               9.30am OUT                Vectis Fire Shed          19.3         19.3

9.30am       IN            10.15am             11.00am OUT                Grass Flat Fire Shed   28.7         48.0

10.00am     IN            10.55am             11.50am OUT                Centenary Park            15.8         63.8

10.50am     IN            12.05pm              1.20pm OUT                 Noradjuha Hall             24.8        88.6

12.00pm     IN              1.30pm                  3.00pm IN                 Sawyer Park                 33.8      122.4


* Riders who complete the 123Km Circuit are invited to enjoy a catered meal for lunch at the

Sound Shell in Horsham


** A hot shower is available at the Horsham Aquatic Centre before heading home.

     The Aquatic Centre is located on the corner of Hamilton & Urquart Streets



123 Klm Plan


123klm elevation graph