56 Km. Route Horsham to Mt. Arapiles

56 Kilometre Route   Horsham-Mt.Arapiles


$45.00 per Rider  (Early Bird Price) or  $65.00 after Sept. 18



                                                  Time Windows:

Average 30Kmh:   Average:     Average 12Kmh:       Location:                      Km.         TOTAL:

8.00am OUT           8.15am         8.30am OUT            Sawyer Park                    00              00

8.38am IN               9.19am       10.00am OUT            Vectis Fire Shed            19.3           19.3

9.30am IN             10.37am       11.45pm OUT            Natimuk Lake C.Park    21.7            41.0

10.00am IN           11.30 am        1.00pm   IN              Centenary Park             15.0            56.0


 A Bus with a Bicycle Trailer is available to take riders back to Horsham, where an end-of-ride-meal is provided.

(There is a also a FREE Trip to the Mt. Arapiles Summit from Centenary Park)


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