The Arapiles Cycling Event is a community bike ride for cyclists of all skill levels.

It is an opportunity for locals and visitors to enjoy the ‘big sky’ views of the Wimmera landscape with Mount Arapiles being the focal point. Based in Natimuk, the 3 Circuits will have you riding through the largely flat landscape, with a few testing hills, amongst the flowering crops and passing local points of interest.

 The ACE Ride is a proud supporter of Wimmera Against Cancer in Kids and a portion of the Rider Fees, and donations on the day, will support WACK.

Participation is one of the key motivations.  We want to see people out and about enjoying the environment in which they live and provide something special for visitors to our region.

We are targeting 3 groups of riders:

Natimuk-Noradjuha-Arapiles-Grass Flat-Natimuk  100KM

For the rider who regularly attends such events and enjoys ‘clocking up the Ks’ with friends, for whom 100 Kilometres is a pleasant days ride and who enjoys riding at a reasonable clip with the right gear to do it.   Seeing a large slab of the local landscape, avoiding the major highways and achieving a good time may be goals to attain.  The Route leaves Natimuk and heads towards Noradjuha via the quiet, twisty, Natimuk Creek Rd.  From Noradjuha we head west past flowering crops to Mount Arapiles. From Centenary Park we do an anti-clockwise lap of the Mount…the ‘Clock around the Rock‘ before joining the 50K Riders to Grass Flat and a ride around the Lake, back to Natimuk for a well earned lunch.  Strategic REST STOPS will be offered at Centenary Park (Arapiles) and at Grass Flat.

Natimuk – Mt. Arapiles – Natimuk    50KM

For the rider who is just getting into the sport.  Might be a first timer to this sort of event.  Riding 50 Kilometres will be a real challenge, something to train up to.  For them, the view of Mt Arapiles goal will be visible from Natimuk. After riding past the ‘Mount’ they continue to the scenic farming locality of Grass Flat, towards the Little Desert at Cooak and then back to Natimuk via Lake Road.   Strategic REST STOPS will be offered at Grass Flat and Natimuk Lake Caravan Park.  Back in Natimuk for lunch and a chat.

Natimuk-Arapiles-Natimuk  20KM  

Following the Route of the Arapiles Big Sky Bike Trail, this option avoids roads and is mainly along soft gravel paths.  Unsuitable for bikes with narrow road tyres, the Trail has some beautiful scenic points and photo opportunities.

Once at the Mount Arapiles picnic ground, snacks, drinks, shelter and toilets are offered.  Go for a walk around and check out the ‘Rock’.  If you are keen, there is a walking track to the summit.  Back on the Trail, retrace your route to Natimuk for lunch.