Terms and Conditions:

 **This Event is supported by volunteer Officials, Horsham Rural City Council, St. John Ambulance, VICROADS, Parks Victoria and Victoria Police.                       

All Riders must:

**Ride safely and in control.
**Look out for hazards and point out hazards to those around you.

**Obey road rules and the instructions issued by Event Staff and Marshalls at all times while participating.
**Keep to the left of the road at all times, particularly when no lines exist.
**Ride no more than two abreast unless overtaking.
**Obey traffic signals (including lights, give way signs and stop signs).
**Not use mobile phones, walkmans or iPods etc. while riding.
**Remember that the Arapiles Cycling Event is not a race. There is to be no Racing or large pelotons.  (no pelotons larger than 20 are permitted on open roads).

**Not attempt to ride up or down the Arapiles Summit Road.

When entering the 2023 Arapiles Cycling Event I accept the following:

**That cycling on public roads and bicycle tracks is a potentially hazardous activity.

**I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ensure that I am physically fit and that my bike is in sound mechanical order prior to undertaking the event.

**During this event I agree to wear a cycling helmet that meets the A.S.A.’s approval standard, abide by the Victorian Road Rules, obey directions of the route officials and ride with care and consideration of others on the road.

**In entering the Arapiles Cycling Event, and as a condition of such entry, I release Arapiles Cycling Event Committee its servants and agents from all claims for injury, loss or damage of whatever kind I might suffer as a result of any act or omission whether negligent or otherwise in relation to the Event.

**I understand that children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a cycling adult.

**I consent to medical treatment if I cannot decide myself at the time if I fall or am injured during the Event and its related activities

**I also consent to being photographed or filmed for promotional purposes

**All information supplied by me is correct: